Image of International Therapist magazine. Cover shows the 'moving forward' article about amputation and the impact on clients.

International Therapist Issue 126 (Autumn 2018)

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This issue includes:
  • A look at amputation, its impact on clients, and how therapies can help;

  • An overview of the lymphatic system and its importance, by Yvette Jordan;

  • Approaches to facial touch and the science behind it, by Dr Katerina Steventon;

  • Deconstructing the concept of challenge, by Dr Phillip J de Prez;

  • Injuries in young athletes, by Dr Lance Doggart and Sarah Catlow;

  • Working in a hospice as a paid reiki practitioner, by Hilda Kalap;

  • Homemade product recipes, for a body scrub and massage oil, by Karen Gilbert;

  • Pointers for therapists working with terminally ill clients, by Jane Duncan Rogers;

  • A look at the warning signs of breast cancer and its impact.