Image of International Therapist magazine. Cover shows the 'reflexology research' article.

International Therapist Issue 124 (Spring 2018)

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This issue includes:
  • Researching reflexology for pregnancy and labour, by Dr Julie McCullough, MFHT;

  • Bite-size business advice from FHT’s Governing Council;

  • Case studies on challenging skin, by Cristina Coelho, MFHT;

  • Treating leg length discrepancies with myofascial release, by Ruth Duncan;

  • Mindfulness and therapist health and wellbeing, by Seán Collins

  • A look at the benefits of entering industry awards and some top tips;

  • Results of the 2018 FHT member Survey;

  • The benefits of laughter for good health and wellbeing, by Lotte Mikkelsen;

  • An introduction to snapping hip syndrome and techniques to help, by Dawn Morse.
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