Songbird Ecotub Massage Waxes
Songbird Ecotub Massage Waxes

Songbird Ecotub Massage Waxes

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Balance Massage Wax

This blend is Geranium, which is then perfectly balanced by the musky and regal notes of Frankincense. It is this combination that makes Balance so special.

Bergamot provides a pleasant, citrusy aroma. One of the most uplifting essential oils, it aids in lifting the spirits and relieving stress.

The essential oils used in this blend have traditionally been used in aromatherapy to provide feelings of emotional balance.

Relaxation Massage Wax

Relaxation Massage wax has a particularly unique scent; best described as a little like straw, a little like grass and a little like smoky earth and vegetation.

It is a two-step scent, meaning that in order to get to the deeply relaxing and earthy qualities of the essential oils, you need to work deeply with the scent. Moving through the first impressions opens up the second, earthy core of this blend. This is the deepest kind of relaxation.

Vetiver, also known as Oil of Tranquility, is a scented grass native to India and Sri Lanka, and is suitable for oily skin. It is botanically related to Lemongrass and Citronella. Part of the earthy quality of our Relaxation Massage Wax comes from the Vetiver, which stimulates circulation while promoting restful sleep and alleviating restlessness. There is a certain similarity in scent between Vetiver and Sandalwood.


300g Ecotubs

The EcoTub pots are a special hammered cardboard that holds its shape so that there is minimal seepage. When you are finished with the pot, it can be recycled with your cardboard waste or industrially composted with your green waste. It will biodegrade over a longer period of time if left to its own devices i.e. underground, but a small garden compost heap will not reach central temperatures high enough for the pots to degrade at the same rate as garden matter. It will degrade like a normal cardboard box.